Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My son has just started calling me MAMA!

It was very exciting to hear his first tiny sounds but nothing as exciting as hearing him call me MAMA when I walk into a room or when he wakes up in the morning and yells "MAMA" for me to come and rescue him from his crib. It makes me feel like I'm his own superwoman :-)

The first sounds of a baby can be a bit frightening or even overwhelming.

It still feels like yesterday when I was in that delivery room pushing and waiting anxiously to hear my baby cry out loud as if he was saying: " Hey! I'm here! I finally made it out of that tiny warm prison I've been in for my entire existence and now I need to rest!"

When I heard that first cry was precisely the moment I started to cry. I couldn't believe I was becoming a MAMA. Right after crying for the joy and happiness I was feeling, the tears that followed were tears of fear. He was so tiny that it made me incredibly scared. All I could do was pray to God that I wouldn't break him; But the moment they gave him to me and put him on my chest all the fear magically disappeared. I simply knew God had given us the most precious gift of love.

So innocent, so pure, so helpless, so dependent of us.

The days that followed, the slightest sound would excite my husband. I remember the first time my son squeaked out a tiny "eee". He would do it from time to time and with every single "eee" my husband would jump up, look at me and celebrate that our son had said "eee". It was so beautiful to see and feel how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband that is also an amazing daddy.

When we were still at the hospital hearing those first "eee's" my husband bribed me by telling me if I made our sons first word be PAPA he would buy me a purse. I had read in many books that many babies say Papa first because it's easier; So I immediately took the deal :-) And being the fashion victim that I am I told everyone to say Papa to my son so that his first word would be Papa for sure. My mother, my mother in law, my friends, my husband and everyone that came in contact with our son would repeat Papa over and over.

When he was about seven months he suddenly, out of the blue said in a very low tone: "PAPA". I couldn't believe it but neither could my husband because he would never say it in front of him. He said Papa so many times I can't even count but never in front of my husband. More that two months went by and my poor husband waited patiently for our son to say Papa in front of him or whenever he was around. He didn't even care if the "Papa" was directed to him, he just wanted to hear "Papa" in that sweet little voice.

One day, one morning to be precise, he woke up and started calling "Papa".

My husband was sleeping so I immediately woke him up. When he heard the "Papa" coming from the speaker of the little monitor his eyes filled up with tears. That moment I realized it was so worth it to sacrifice not hearing Mama first (with or without my purse) :-)

Followed by the tears of joy that came out of my husbands eyes... He said: "Baby, you did it! He said Papa." Then he laughed out loud and said: "You can have any purse you want". We both cracked up and kissed like the proud parents we are without knowing that my smart, sweet, loving son had planned everything :-)

After my husband heard him say Papa he has never (not once) said it again.

He immediately started saying "MAMA" which was honestly crazy and surprising because other than hearing it a few times in his dvd, no one taught him how to say Mama. I swear I only taught him Papa but all he says is MAMA. He loves saying it over and over and I LOVE-LOVE hearing it!

Ever since then my husband calls our son his beautiful "con artist". He totally conned Papa into buying a purse for his Mama.

Sounds great to me :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The First Look...

There are times in life when a first look could be deceiving, there are times in life when a first look can be scary and there are times in life when all you need is one first look...a tiny glance... to fall in love. I think that is what happens when we become parents. At first we are slightly scared but then we fall head over heels. Personally I was soooooo scared. I had so many doubts. So many questions in my head. Will I be a good mother? Can I be a good mother?
Am I capable of being a good mother? Am I ready to be a mommy? Will I be able to deliver?
Will it hurt? Will I be so hormonal that my husband will hate me? Will the baby love me? Will the baby be healthy?... And about a million other questions that simply popped up to my head on a daily basis. Sometimes I had so many questions that I thought I was being negative but I honestly believe that in life it's much better when we ask ourselves all the questions. Not that we will find answers to each question but at least we are faced with the possibilities.

When it comes to all those baby questions... every mommy is different and every daddy is different so you simply have to relax and enjoy the amazing ride. Most of the answers to your questions will come to you... For me... I read about a million baby books and still had questions. I think I was a bit paranoid because it was my first baby and I really didn't know what to expect.
I had a lot of friends who had children but I had never thought about having them myself. I just kept postponing it... I kept thinking I still want to further my career or travel more... When I was a little girl I always thought I would have 3 babies by the time I turned 25. Then, somehow I just kept telling myself it wasn't the right time. But the reality is that although some of my friends really have planned and done everything to have a baby, you just have to let it happen, and it will... when the time is right.

When I got pregnant I did so many tests and after asking my husband if he thought he was ready to be a daddy I sent him to the pharmacy and did about 10 more :-) I still remember the look in his eyes when I asked him if he would like to be a daddy. He immediately said to me:
"Is this how you are telling me we are going to have a baby?" I just starred at him with the panic and the doubt of not knowing if he was ready. He hugged me and kissed me!!!!! It's so nice to have the support from the father of your baby. Some of my friends have been faced with the difficult challenge of being a single mommy, but they are still super hot amazing moms!!! After seeing that first look in my husbands eyes and hearing him tell me how much he loved me all the panic disappeared.

The first look is very overwhelming!!!! The first look at the home test is one big panic, the first look at the sonogram is slightly scary and the first look into a babies eyes is just priceless. To know that you made that little person. That you brought it to this world. That forever you will have a legacy, someone that depends on you and you will do everything in your power to make sure they are happy. Even though the first look can be intimidating, somehow nature takes it's course and all the answers to the million questions you had don't even matter because you just explore day by day and every single day is one big adventure.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here we go :-)
I have been working on a book for a very long time called Diary of a Hot Chick.
After I got pregnant I started to work on Diary of a Hot Mom.
My friend Kim who is a blogger inspired me to do my own blog.
After thinking about it and talking about it with some friends, I decided to share all my thoughts and simply blog :-)
Motherhood is a beautiful blessing. Some of my friends have many kids, some want to have many kids, some are mothers to very cute doggies and some,like me, are mommys to both kids and doggies :-)
For many years I was obsessed with my doggies (Sushi, Mojo & Nena Marie).
Somehow, when my beautiful baby Leonardo arrived they totally got downgraded. My husband and I always joke about it but I think its something that happens even if you try to prevent it.
Exactly 17 months ago I peed on the little stick that tells you if you are pregnant or not...
I can't even explain with words how I felt when I saw those two lines that said YES you are going to be a mommy. After that I sent my husband to the pharmacy to get me 10 more tests to pee on... He came back with every single test available... And there we were... on the journey to becoming parents.
Nobody ever tells you how parenthood will be... you can read a million books and try to learn from other peoples experiences but until you go through it yourself you simply don't know how intense it is.
The feeling of seeing that little miracle on the sonogram, feeling the first kick, hearing the heartbeat, seeing your belly expand and your hormones go crazy, waiting to welcome this new little person into this world, running to the hospital every month and praying to God everything goes well, hearing that first cry, feeling their little body on your chest and looking into those tiny eyes, then breast feeding,being scared that you might be doing something wrong... so many things we will talk about :-) I can't wait to share all my experiences with all of you...