Friday, June 25, 2010

Here we go :-)
I have been working on a book for a very long time called Diary of a Hot Chick.
After I got pregnant I started to work on Diary of a Hot Mom.
My friend Kim who is a blogger inspired me to do my own blog.
After thinking about it and talking about it with some friends, I decided to share all my thoughts and simply blog :-)
Motherhood is a beautiful blessing. Some of my friends have many kids, some want to have many kids, some are mothers to very cute doggies and some,like me, are mommys to both kids and doggies :-)
For many years I was obsessed with my doggies (Sushi, Mojo & Nena Marie).
Somehow, when my beautiful baby Leonardo arrived they totally got downgraded. My husband and I always joke about it but I think its something that happens even if you try to prevent it.
Exactly 17 months ago I peed on the little stick that tells you if you are pregnant or not...
I can't even explain with words how I felt when I saw those two lines that said YES you are going to be a mommy. After that I sent my husband to the pharmacy to get me 10 more tests to pee on... He came back with every single test available... And there we were... on the journey to becoming parents.
Nobody ever tells you how parenthood will be... you can read a million books and try to learn from other peoples experiences but until you go through it yourself you simply don't know how intense it is.
The feeling of seeing that little miracle on the sonogram, feeling the first kick, hearing the heartbeat, seeing your belly expand and your hormones go crazy, waiting to welcome this new little person into this world, running to the hospital every month and praying to God everything goes well, hearing that first cry, feeling their little body on your chest and looking into those tiny eyes, then breast feeding,being scared that you might be doing something wrong... so many things we will talk about :-) I can't wait to share all my experiences with all of you...

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